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JOHAIZA DE JESUS, LLC A Wholistic Purpose Development Company

JOHAIZA DE JESUS, LLC A Wholistic Purpose Development CompanyJOHAIZA DE JESUS, LLC A Wholistic Purpose Development CompanyJOHAIZA DE JESUS, LLC A Wholistic Purpose Development Company

"Keep Pressing In Victory!"

Wholistic Transformation Coaching

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Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is the building block of how you live your life! Are the demands and stresses of life affecting your mental health, poisoning your emotional & social well-being causing you to be unstable? As your Wholistic Transformation Coach, Johaiza will provide you with realistic techniques that will help you find your healthy balance, stability and peace to your soul.

Physical Fitness

Our Body is both a Holy Temple and "Machinery". We have Only One and it needs to be taken care of to work efficiently. Whether you are a beginner in need of guidance every step, motivation boost or sport specific there is something for YOU! Johaiza creates individual Fitness and Nutritional programs that will fit you and your needs to successfully help you achieve your personal physical health & fitness goals. 

Spiritual (FAITH) Fitness

Our spiritual life is the center of BEING. No matter where you are in your Faith Walk, Johaiza provides assistance with biblical principles and practical applications, to encourage and edify. Your Whole life changes once you set yourself in alignment with what God has for you to succeed in all you do. 

Johaiza De Jesus, LLC

Nothing is Impossible

"Life has NO limitations EXCEPT the ones YOU make." - Les Brown 

work with me: Group Coaching

Community Fun Fitness Bootcamps

Fun Physical Fitness bootcamps with family, friends, or organization teams exercising not only the body but also the mind with creative team building challenges.  

Social On Purpose With Purpose Group Package

A Group Life Coaching event with purpose-filled and enjoyable activities, that will assist in guiding each person towards their desired goals.  

Social On Purpose With Purpose Pro-Biz Package

 A business or organization group coaching in a creative team building setting participating in purposeful activities and assessments that exposes employees and employers meaningful roles that assist in executing plans directing the team towards achieving company goals.  

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#Fit'N Health

 Began as a daily confession slogan that assisted Johaiza through out her life's transformation JO-urney. 

Johaiza presently educates and empowers individuals to Fit'N Health in EVERY area of their lives through Speaking & Wholistic Fitness Coaching.


Check out the Podcast Interview!

Check out the Podcast Interview!

Check out the Podcast Interview!

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 Fun Times! On this episode, I was able to catch up with a long time friend, sister in Christ and Dance Ministry buddy of mine, Alyson! I shared a little bit about my personal health story, being an entrepreneur, and about my father's business all while being a Fit-mom of three while exclusively breastfeeding youngest baby. I shared some special gems and tips on how every mama can get a full body workout at home or at work in 30 mins or less! As you journey through this episode, you will find that we really can do ALL things through Christ Jesus. So, tune in and be encouraged.


Check out the Podcast Interview!

Check out the Podcast Interview!

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Need a weekend getaway?  I invite you to Sister Sister Retreat 2018! A weekend where you will be able to get refreshed and refilled. Get ready to be empowered, and inspired to 

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Can't Wait to See You!

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Invite Johaiza to Speak

Throughout my Health & Fitness life experiences, whether as  Mom, an Athlete, Wholistic Coach or Professional Speaker, I am reminded that we're distinctively similar. We are ALL connected in some way.

Book Johaiza as a Speaker, to Educate & Empower your audience with techniques on how to Wholistically Fit'N Health in EVERY area of their lives right where they are now which can propel them towards optimum fitness tomorrow! Let's Get it!


I'd Love to Hear From You!

Blessings, Love And Peace!

Johaiza De Jesus