Athlete:Passion for Fitness & Optimum Health

While in College I digressed from being a student athlete, It did not stop me from continually training and exercising to keep an optimum level of fitness and health physically which helped me get up from my death bed.

Victorious Battle Field Warrior

From a young age, I began to fight a battle I did not choose. Traumatic experiences affected my mental & emotional well-being, making one mistake after another. Tackling and Overcoming mental health disparities with practical activities that were self-therapeutic such as biblical readings & declarations, spoken word, music and fitness dancing.

Divine Alignment

Raised in church and being part of different christian denominations, a religious attitude was inevitable. But it was not until I had my own personal relationship with Christ Jesus, that I came unto alignment with HIS will for me, and walked right into my authoritative seat of power and purpose.

Now, I am Living WHOLISTICALLY FIT to Educate YOU on how to Fit'n Health in EVERY area of your life!

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Meet Johaiza De Jesus

Wholistic Fitness & Health Expert |Transformation Life Coach |Faith Based Clinical Counselor |Speaker| USATF Athlete|NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Johaiza graduated from high school as a BioMedical Magnet Student Athlete. Currently, a Florida A&M University Alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy with plans of pursuing and earning her Doctorate.

A mom of three, entrepreneur, educator, mentor, coach, counselor, speaker and athlete who love to inspire and empower individuals and business teams to become Wholistically Fit through biblical and practical principles so that they can function at their optimum level of Health and truly Live in Purpose!

Johaiza has the grace for transforming lives of different cohort dynamics in her unique way involving wholistic fitness & health coaching, business consulting and speaking.

As an experienced Fitness & Health Educator, Johaiza goal is to help individuals reach and attain their fitness optimum level of health in all areas of their lives; catapulting them into alignment with their God given purpose and achieving success in all they do.